DJ Courses


Our courses vary in structure depending on knowledge and experience. From learning the fundamentals of beat-matching and basic song structure, to more advanced looping and EQ mixing, we will assess each individual and place you with the right instructor and course.

Our central location hosts an array of friendly and experienced instructors. Whether you are pursuing a career in DJ’ing or simply trying a new musical outlet, our instructors will help you get started on a good note.


Serato/Traktor DJ 101

Monday - Friday
11pm – 6pm

DJ 101 provides a preliminary understanding of today’s DJ gear, basic mixing and scratching techniques, and the history and culture of Djing for the ultimate beginner. 

Serato/Traktor DJ 102

Monday - Friday
11am – 6pm

DJ 102 focuses on your inner sense of rhythm & timing to help you perfect your fundamental mixing skills. Our instructors break down the principles of mixing tracks including: 

  • Transitions

  • Song Structure

  • Cross-Genre Mixing

Serato/Traktor DJ 103

Monday - Friday
11am – 6p

DJ 103 is extremely intense and where you will determine what type of DJ you wish to become.  103 revisits and adds upon the core mixing techniques that you have developed in your previous courses. Here we help you prepare your set by using group practice techniques, introducing the aspects of improvisation and time constraints, proper volume control & EQing to create smooth transitions.


Production Courses


One of the great things about music production is how transferrable the skills are. While it’s important to become very comfortable with a single piece of software, the fundamental skills of sound design, arrangement and mixing are transferrable between all Digital Audio Workstations. At Dub Academy we will teach you the fundamental skills in addition to how to navigate the Digital Audio Workstation software of your choice. Many of our instructors really like Ableton Live for music production, but others like FL Studio or Logic. We will teach the essential functions of the program, music production and arrangement, the use of plugins for mixing and mastering and sound design.

Our step by step curriculum will ultimately guide you in the right direction towards music production mastery.



Mondays - Friday
11am – 6pm

  • Navigating Live’s Interface
    Session View/Arrangement

  • View Session Automation

  • Clip Envelopes

  • Programming Original Drum Beats
    Sequencing Musical Parts


Tuesdays, Thursdays
11am – 6pm

  • Understanding Drum Racks

  • Making Bass Lines

  • Creating Melodies

  • Making Pads and Textures

  • Audio Recording

  • Resampling in Live

  • Arranging and Exporting

  • Basic Mixing


Monday - Friday
11am – 6pm

  • Principles of Synthesis

  • Custom Drum Racks
    Layering Drums

  • Slice to MIDI

  • Custom Bass Sounds

  • Original Melody and Leads

  • Original Pads and Textures

  • Sweeps, Risers, Sound FX